HigherSelf love potion w/ free Afterlyfe e.p. download

HigherSelf love potion w/ free Afterlyfe e.p. download


heart-song a love potion for your higher self


essences of forget me not & rose quartz suspended in an oxymel of rose petals infused with organic apple cider vinegar & raw honey


this beautiful blend goes right to the home to the higher self, to sing it some loving care & protection. soothes, grounds, & nourishes us from the heart radiating outwards. roses are deliciously healing & strengthening to our heart-space; rose quartz is loving, softening & opening, yet helps us maintain firm boundaries & sense of self; forget me not comforts & reminds us that we are not alone—that we are connected to something larger, thus it helps us to become attuned with a higher purpose & to build a strong spiritual connection in our lives. Order and you will receive an email with Bunny's new e.p. Afterlyfe! Price includes shipping domestic only.


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1 fluid oz. bottle = $20


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