There's no safer space than the love inside you

The term safe space has been used a lot lately and I couldn't be happier about it. It dignifies a setting or social circle where feelings will be respected, where a higher level of compassion is expected, where a person can feel safe to be their authentic self without fear of harm whether physical, verbal or emotional. These spaces are rare especially if you live outside the gender binary or are POC. We all have to work to create more safe spaces and one day our whole world will evolve to be a safe space for everyone. But for now how do you cope when you find yourself, as so many of us do, in an emotionally unsafe space? How do we stay in our power when someone is triggering us, when we feel like we don't fit in, when we feel judged? 

Our Higher Self- the love, wisdom and compassion within us- always knows what to do because it empowers us to see without fear. It doesn't condone unloving behavior it sees the suffering that causes it. It doesn't deny the pain it transcends the pain. When we are aligned with the consciousness of the Higher Self i.e. consciousness of Love, we will:

1. Make right action and know if we should leave a space when we feel we are physically and emotional unsafe. 

2. Have the strength to express our truth if verbal communication is necessary. 

3. See people through the eyes of compassion which will empower us to not take things personally and realize that person still has a lot to learn, bless them and move on. 

Know that no matter where you are the Love inside you is eternal. It is the only Power. I pray for those who have yet to realize it. I pray that one day we all awaken to our true Power. May we all be blessed by the Power of Love today. 



Bunny Michael3 Comments