Why is it so hard to feel our worth?

The world we grew up in didn’t teach us how to love ourselves. The world we grew up in didn’t teach us how powerful we are. The world we grew up in taught us we need to accomplish, to be productive, to attain, to climb the ladder, to take the bull by the horns, to compete, to win, to beat the odds- it taught us that our worth was only equal to the praise of a system of approval. So we believed it, we believed in the system. We felt bad about ourselves when we didn’t get approval and we felt good about ourselves when we did. Our self worth became dependent on outside validation. As children we needed approval from our parents and our teachers. Then we needed validation from peers, then we needed romantic partners, lots of friends, more money, a better career, nicer cars, bigger houses, better looks....the list goes on and on. 

But when we will ever feel like we are enough?  

The truth is the system is a lie. It’s an illusion. The truth is you were never not enough. You are everything you ever need to be just by being you.  

Your Higher Self- the love, wisdom and compassion within you- has always known this truth. Higher Self is who you really are when fear and judgement disappear.  When we unlearn the system we were conditioned to believe in.

The greatest success is to remember who you really are- worthy of love, powerful and present in the truth and here to share your light. 

Bunny MichaelComment