The power of compassion.

Compassion doesn’t condone loveless behavior. Compassion empowers you to transcend it. 

Seeing through the eyes of our Higher Selves- i.e. through the eyes of Love gives us a new way of looking at the world, a new understanding. It sees with a deeper wisdom, because it frees us from the prison of fearful thinking and the illusion of scarcity. 

The truth is we all deserve love peace safety and happiness. We all deserve to be treated with compassion. Our fearful illusions of lack is the cause of needless suffering all over the world. Greed is a cancer in the body of our humanity. It takes and takes and takes- believing the more it has the more worthy it will be. There’s enough food to feed the world - and yet nearly a billion people go to sleep hungry every night. But we are not just greedy about our resources- we are greedy with our care for each other. 

We hold back our love for one another because we are afraid that if we give it away we won’t have it for ourselves. But the opposite is true- when you give Love you gain it. When you hold back Love you loose your awareness of it. 

So today send Love to the people that need it the most- the ones that feel the need to oppress, degrade and harm others because they have lost the sight they so desperately need.  

Bunny Michael2 Comments