You’re so much stronger than you realize

Strength is our natural inheritance. We are born to grow. Just as a seed blossoms into a flower- our destiny is to blossom into the loving and compassionate people we are capable of being.  Our fearful thinking is like a wall to our growth. We are so used to being afraid- afraid of failure, afraid of judgment, afraid of not being accepted. But we are our own harshest critics. We are the meanest person to ourselves! We complain about other people judging us and not accepting us when we judge and don’t accept and appreciate ourselves- then we project that judgment on others when we are actually creating it’s reality. 

It takes courage to Love. It takes courage to step into the shoes of our Higher Selves and want something better for our lives. It takes feeling uncomfortable to stop playing small. But the uncomfortable feeling is temporary because we just aren’t used to treating ourselves with respect. It’s not scary, it’s just different.

The truth is we are so much stronger than we even realize. And we don’t realize it because we don’t allow ourselves to believe it. 

So today, if you find yourself in the same negative thought patterns or doing something you know in your heart isn’t good for your happiness remind yourself that you can choose differently. That you are so strong. That you are here in this earth to blossom into your Higher Self.   We are all on this journey together- no one is alone- let’s lift each other up so we can re imagine a world of greater joy, peace and abundance for all.

 - Bunny 

Bunny MichaelComment