How can I manifest what I want?

So many people ask me, "How can I manifest what I want?", "How do I reach my goals?" "How do I make my dreams come true?"

I believe in manifestation because our minds are so powerful. But what I always tell people is, "Watch out for trying to control your destiny". 

We have one purpose here. And that is to become the loving and compassionate beings we are meant to be. What could be more important than that?

Sure, we have career goals, money goals, desires, relationship needs, but so often we think we know what we want but we have no idea what it is we actually need. 

We assume that if we meet our goals we will be happy. But happiness from career, money, relationships etc. is temporary because life is ever changing. You could be promoted one day and be laid off the next. You could be making tons of money but soon realize it actually doesn't heal your wounds. You could find the "perfect" partner but time goes by and fights and drama happens and they don't seem as perfect to you as you once thought. So you want something more then- more money, a different career, a new partner - never really feeling fulfilled. Always feeling like something is missing.

When we connect to our Higher Selves- the love, wisdom and compassion in our being- we realize that there is a more profound goal that we all share. One that lasts beyond the ups and downs of our careers and relationships- one that is beyond the material reality of this world. Its a higher level of consciousness. Its awakening to your true power- the power of Love.

When you are worried about "whats going to happen", when you are afraid things won't work out the way we want them to, remember that every experience is a teaching to becoming more aligned with who you truly are- a loving, compassionate, magical being that needs no validation for worth. 

The more focused on that true goal- the more the Universe takes care of you, because you have shown the Universe that you see what really matters. You feel abundant inside so you are rewarded with abundance. 

The next time you sit down and try to manifest something to happen- manifest Love. Manifest your true happiness. Say "Dear Universe, please help me become the loving person I know I'm capable of. Help me heal my wounds, help others heal and take part in the awakening of peace and abundance for all in this world."

Many blessings to you today.



Bunny MichaelComment