Stop everything and remember you are here to shine.

Its so easy to feel anxious. It’s so easy to feel confused. It’s so easy to be depressed and wanna check out. We live in a world that is literally depressing. Suffering is all around us, it’s overwhelming. We feel paralyzed. How can we help if we can barely get out of bed in the morning?

There is however a power that is beyond this world. It’s beyond the realm of reality we experience. You could say it’s multi dimensional, you could say it’s alien, you could say it’s a higher power- it’s the power of Love. 

Love is a force so expansive, so timeless, words cannot begin to encapsulate it’s essence. Our material realm- the daily reality we experience- has lost its integration with Love’s power. Instead of living in harmony with the creative, abundant blessings of Love we have turned our backs to it creating cycles and cycles of abuse, trauma and needless suffering. We’ve turned our backs on the planet. We’ve turned our backs on each other. 

So now we must relearn how to Love. Both in our personal lives and in our collective lives. It is literally the next phase of our human evolution because if we don’t, if we don’t evolve to seeing our happiness and our survival is dependent on our ability to Love one another we will destroy ourselves.

Everyone is here for one purpose- to be the loving and compassionate person you truly are. To see yourself and the world around you with a new vision of what’s possible. We all want peace, our hearts are yearning for it although our minds often forget it. When you step up to challenging yourself to remembering everyday that Love is inside you waiting for you to shine it onto the world not only will you become more joyous but you will light the pathway for others. 

So much Love


Bunny MichaelComment