Trust what lies ahead.

Our fearful thinking gets in the way of our happiness about literally everything- our relationships, our careers and especially our thoughts about the future. Fear masquerades itself as legitimate worry. You actually believe your anxiety is somehow preparing you for the inevitable. Your mind is imagining all kinds of negative future events- you are taken out of the present moment and experiencing a future nightmare. Your body reacts to the negative thoughts too. Your stomach hurts, you get a headache. Stress about something that isn’t actually happening is experienced in your mind and body like it is happening.

So how do you stop the worry? How do you plan things without being so attached to their outcomes?  

The key is being mindful of your fearful thinking patterns. We spend our days having millions of different thoughts but rarely do we take a moment and consciously “look” at our thoughts. Building awareness of our thinking takes practice. That’s why people recommend meditation. It helps to build that muscle in the brain that detaches from identifying with your “thinking” mind to identifying to the “awareness” of your thinking. 

Fear about the future has no purpose. It keeps you from enjoying your life now and sometimes even creates the negative experience you wanted to avoid by projecting its reality. And even if you do get what you always wanted, you will eventually worry about another future experience and soon forget to enjoy what you wanted before. 

Trust what lies ahead because that trust serves your inner peace. It changes your vision to see the abundance of possibility. The Universe has a plan for you- but you need to trust it to see the its path. 

- Bunny  

Bunny MichaelComment