Why is it so hard to admit we were wrong?

You know those moments when someone hurts your feelings but won’t say sorry? It totally sucks right? It’s like you all you want is for them to acknowledge your feelings, to see where you are coming from, to feel some kind of remorse for being a jerk right? But they refuse. And then you fight back because you have to defend yourself too. And you say mean things to them because ya know they need to learn how it feels right? Fast forward 20 min later and you two are so in the thick of a back and forth argument, trading insults and hurtful words that “who started it” is no longer relevant. You both are angry and can’t seem to find a way out. 

Or maybe you are in a political discussion. And someone accuses you of being insensitive, not acknowledging your privilege. How dare they, right? How dare they accuse you of ignorance? How dare they make assumptions about you? You’re so caught up in defending your character you are no longer hearing a word they say.

When we align with our Higher Selves- the love, compassion and wisdom within us- these situations lessen a great deal in our lives- not because we don’t have disagreements or conflicts but because we bring a different perspective to those moments, we bring the perspective of Love because we remember that that is the only purpose that matters. When we see through the vision of Love we automatically are able to acknowledge when we make mistakes because we have compassion for ourselves. We know we are only human and still have a lot to learn. We see the other person’s perspective and have compassion for their experience. We listen. We learn. We say the right things that will bring love and understanding to the conversation. Love also gives us the wisdom to walk away from an argument when peace isn’t possible within it. 

Our Higher Selves want us to learn, to grow and to build unity with others. That’s our evolution, that’s our self actualization, that’s our higher consciousness. 

The more we step into the shoes of our Higher Selves the more peaceful our personal and collective lives will be. What a great healing to the planet if world leaders would be able to admit when they made a mistake! It would be a game changer!!!  

Remember we are all on this journey. We are all learning. Don’t judge the places you need healing. There isn’t one person on this planet who doesn’t make mistakes.

Lots of Love, 


Bunny MichaelComment