Self love isn’t something you achieve, it’s something you already have within you.

The truth is you’re amazing. Period. You were born perfect. You were born whole. Your life is a miracle. Maybe no one taught you that. Maybe you were taught to hide yourself. Maybe someone said or did something that made you question your own validity. So the awareness was lost. You forgot yourself. You forgot what you deserve. You forgot who you are.

Your worth isn’t what you do. Your worth isn’t how much you have. Your worth just is. 

Nothing will change the gift that you are to the world. 

Remind yourself every day. Remind yourself you have always been enough. Remind yourself you are a miracle. 

Take that awareness into every action, every conversation, every thought. Take it with you wherever you go- at work, at home, on the bus, at the party, at your parent’s house, at your apartment. It’s your true home. It’s your inheritance.  

Now is the time we all accept ourselves. Stop closing the door to your joy. Stop closing the door because someone told you you deserve less. Stop closing the door because you have made mistakes. Nothing from the past changes who you really are. The truth just is. Allow yourself to live in the Truth. You’re the only person who can accept it for yourself.  

Bunny Michael1 Comment