What does it really mean to be abundant?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. I think a lot of people in the so called “spiritual” community associate money with greed. But greed and money are two very different things. Greed is the need to feel validated by having more than another person. Money is a representation of value. What money means to you is dependent on your values. If in your mind you think money represents self worth, then you can easily judge yourself and other people’s worth based on how much money they have. The conditioning of our world equates worth with money. Greed is a logical effect of this mindset. The more money you have, the more worthy you are. Greed is the opposite of abundance because it is the perspective of lack- it’s an unconscious belief that there isn’t enough for everyone, that you are in competition, that you must take in order to survive. It is the reason why people are starving all over the world, why slavery is still prevalent, why we hoard our possessions, why we take resources from the planet with no regard of the consequences. When you feel empty inside, when you feel lack - you want to hold on to every possession and privilege for fear of who you would be without it.

Your Higher Self knows this way of thinking is an illusion. It’s so deeply embedded in the thought system of society it seems impossible to change it. But it’s not. It starts with remembering that you are abundant. You are the definition of abundance. You are eternal. You are the magnificent power of creation- nothing can take that away, nothing can lessen your power. When you see that in yourself you give to others wholeheartedly. Because there isn’t a limit to you so there isn’t a limit to what you can give. Give a smile, give a flower, give to charity, give a poem, give knowledge, give creativity, give your time, give a hug, give food, give clothes, give Love. 

I read a statistic today that billionaires made enough money in 2017 to end extreme poverty in the world 7 times over. This is the result of the sickness of greed.

Walk around knowing that all of us- every person on this planet deserves abundance, peace and happiness because there is enough for everyone. So as you pursue your career, as you aim for “more”, do it with the intention of using it create an awakened world. Change your relationship and value of money as an enabler for a sustainable peaceful future. Demand it for yourself and demand it for your brothers and sisters all around the planet.


Bunny MichaelComment